Marina and Annalisa Durante finalists for the Global Illustration Award

Almost time to announce the winner of the Global Illustration Award, one of the most prestigious competition for illustrators from all over the world! Marina and Annalisa Durante are already among the ten finalists for the Scientific Illustration Category with their sea poster Cetaceans and among the twenty finalists for Advertisement & Editorial Illustration Category [...]


Always time for a Classic!

Halloween is coming and a new fantastic book fully illustrated by Valentino Forlini has just been published by Usborne Graphic Classics. Dracula is now ready to scare children of all ages!


A new adventurous publication for Matteo Pincelli!

It’s time for The Adventure of Robin Hood, a new book published by Usborne Graphic Legends and gloriously illustrated by Matteo Pincelli. The adventures of Robin Hood and his band of good-hearted outlaws are vividly brought to life in this action-packed picture strip story. An evergreen amazing story that will captivate all young readers!


Forward for the Kingdom!

Exciting and colorful adventures are ready for the young public, all masterfully illustrated by Andrea Da Rold. Historical and magical characters, epic episodes, battlles and intrigues all included!