Simone Frasca

Simone Frasca was born in Florence but grew up in the countryside of Tuscany, where he liked to spend his time climbing up the trees and drawing comic strips.
He was studying Art History at Florence University, but at a certain point, the willing to draw took him to Milan to learn illustration in Nicola Falcioni and Libero Gozzini’s studio. After three years of apprenticeship Frasca decided to come back to Florence and started to work on his own.
He became a writer and illustrator of children’s books. Some of his most important publications are the series of Bruno lo Zozzo (Piemme) on the indomitable boy who, together with Giovanni, an imaginary but very real piglet, happily goes through the jungle of life without fear of getting his hands dirty; La scuola della foresta (Mondadori) about the first experiences at school of the little animals of the jungle and I Mitici Sei (Giunti) on the adventures of six very special kids that have the powers of the mythological characters and go to the school of sorceress Circe at the Aeaea island.
Frasca also works as an adviser (creator/writer/illustrator) for public service projects and campaigns regarding arts, civil rights, health, environment and other subjects for local, regional and national agencies, like city council of Florence, Prato, Sesto Fiorentino, the regional government of Tuscany, Tuscan Water service and the Florence pediatric hospital.
Whenever Frasca has some free time he loves to go to do sketchesof people, monuments and details of the beautiful city of Florence.

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