Claudia Murari

Claudia Murari was born in 1971.
After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, she completed her education by attending some courses of illustration for childen held in Venice and Sarmede (Treviso).
She lives and works in Sommacampagna (Verona).
Since 1997 her illustrations heve been published by the following publishing houses: Demetra (Verona), Red.Art (Verona), Gribaudo (Alessandria), EriCart (Verona), Giunti (Florence), Edizioni Paoline (Milan), Immedia Editrice (Milan), Grafalco Ediciones (Madrid), Edizioni del Baldo (Verona).
To create her illustrations she uses different techniques such as watercolours, ecoline, ink, acrylics, oil, pastel crayons, coloured crayons.
She is very fond of photography, both traditional and digital, sport, trekking and animals.

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