Francesca Pesci

Francesca Pesci lives and works in Florence where she was born in 1976.
In 2000, after accomplishing her degree in Fine Arts at the Academy of Florence she attended a three-year professional specialization course at Comics Art, International School of Comics in Florence, which marked a turning point for her. She quotes: starting from then on, I understood what I would like to be when I grow up.
As a free lance, she started to collaborate with some graphic design and advertising studios, up to the publication of her first illustrated book, The Silver Skates, by M. Mapes Dodge, Giunti Editore, in 2001.
During the latest years she has been collaborating as a comics colorist with LitoMilano Studio and she has also been in charge of the digital coloration of Walt Disney comics. Afterwards she has been working for several editors and publishers such as RL Gruppo Editoriale, Rainbow, Edicart, Mondadori Educations, Ravensburger, Soleil Prod , Giunti Scuola, Tresei Gruppo Editoriale, DeAgostini Scuola, Pearson, Top That publishing.

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