Polona Lovsin

Polona Lovsin is from Slovenia and got her graduation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 2000.
Her mentor, the academic painter Janez Bernik, helped her to develop bold strokes, a melancholy mood and a love for patterns. Another mentor for her is the academic painter Gustav Gnamuš, who brought sensibility into her paintings.
Therefore she tries to combines all these elements in her illustrations. Every book is a new challenge for her, meaning new researches and bringing joy. She can use many different styles…some of her illustrations are soft and gentle while other are made with the use of strong brushstrokes.
She loves to express emotions in her work, the essence of her characters.
In 2003 she exhibited in Bologna book fair and DOCET illustrator fall mondo.
From then she exhibited all around the world from Bratislava to Japan, Iran, Argentina…
She is a big dreamer, full of passion and willing to illustrate books, magazines and much more.

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