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Annalisa Marina Durantes

Why Clients Choose MIA

Animation studios count on MIA´s talented team of more than one dozen world-class animation illustrators. The work of each of our illustrators embodies remarkable breadth and depth of experience as well technical expertise. Creatively brilliant, MIA´s team consistently produces inspiring character designs, background designs, storyboards, and layouts for our clients.

MIA represents illustrators who work very closely with animators and whose drawing styles produce powerful and cinematic illustrations. Our animation artists produce illustrations that are soft and elegant with beautiful colors and detail. Hire an Illustrator whose style is based in traditional artwork and geared toward modern animation.

MIA illustrators are trusted by the leading North American animation studios including Disney, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network. They work with equally storied animation and television production companies in Europe including France 3, RAI Italia, Mondo TV Group, Graphilm, Lynx Multimedia Factory, and Rainbow S.r.l.

MIA´s animation illustration team has spent countless hours studying and observing human movement and expressions. We have an Intricate knowledge of the human form and have mastered drawing bodies in motion. MIA specializes in telling stories through dynamic and natural expressions of human motion and emotion.

Our illustrators have been working with animation for the past 25 years and are consummate professionals in character design, background design, storyboards, and layouts. Our team includes animators, animation supervisors, and directors for animated cartoons, music videos, TV series and feature films.

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