Elephant Illustration

Ely, the little pink elephant.

Hello everyone,

I am Bruna Poetini and today I am going to show you how to draw one of my characters: Ely, the little pink elephant.

First of all, let me tell you a little about myself. I am an illustrator and author of children’s books which is a very nice job that keeps me very busy.

Let me start by introducing you to the character: Ely is a little pink elephant, eager to discover the world around her. She lives in the savannah, as you can see from the first pages of this book, but she wants to discover what there is outside her village.

She decides to visit her bear friend who lives in the Alps.

And like Hannibal’s elephants which were used as a means of transport to cross the Alps, she set off to cross the mountains by herself in friendship and not to make war.

This is my little Ely and although it seems complicated to draw her, I can assure you that it is not at all difficult, as you will see during the lesson.

In these books Ely has many adventures, from ‘A trip for Christmas’ to ‘The Team of the Heart’ where Ely plays football and many other adventures which will follow.

So let’s start drawing and see what we need to draw a baby elephant like Ely.

A pencil for sketching, an eraser like this, a black felt-tipped pen and, of course, some sheets of white paper.

Are you ready to start? Let’s start drawing!

Here we are, with all the material prepares, a felt-tipped pen, and pencil ready to begin our illustration.

Does a blank white sheet of paper scare you? Don’t worry, let’s start by drawing a beautiful frame, which gives us the idea of ​​space. It is not important that it is precise, you can do it without a ruler.

Within this space we start thinking about the shapes of our baby elephant.

An elephant can be made by drawing simple ovals or circles: this allows us to build its main shapes.

The ears will be shown as smaller ovals, a descending curve for the nose, arms, and legs.

These are very simple shapes but they will allow you to trace the outline of Ely; as I said the head, ears, nose and legs and arms.

At this point we can draw her eyes.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, you can always erase it, that’s why I always start the drawing using a pencil.

How shall we dress our little Ely? The summer is approaching fast, so I would say we dress her in a nice t-shirt and soft shorts.

We can add her tail and now Ely is almost ready.

Ely has a friend, Sparrow, and we can draw him here. Also for him, we will use simple shapes with circles for his head, body, wings, and beak.

Once we have prepared the rough drawings, we can use the felt-tipped pen to finalize the forms. This may seem difficult to you, but it is not at all.

If you prefer, you could easily place your sketch on the window and trace over it with a felt-tipped pen so you are sure not to make any mistakes.

Here we are, let’s continue drawing the t-shirt, I suggest you use your imagination as much as you can: things done in series are always a little sad.

So for the first ones you can follow my suggestions, but then if you have an idea of ​​what type of details or designs you would like on the t-shirt, feel free to use your imagination to modify the design. The drawing belongs to you.

I have also drawn pockets, sneakers, and socks.

This is a very simple illustration. You don’t have to be too precise, but it serves to give you an idea of ​​how to create the drawing of our baby elephant, Ely.

After this, we can move on to the coloring phase, but I prefer to leave that to each of you, so you can use your imagination to color as you wish.

It was a pleasure to work with you, see you next time!