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Childrens Illustrators
Capturing the Hearts
of Children Everywhere

Milan Illustration Agency provides
bespoke children´s illustration services
that capture the attention and imagination
of children everywhere.

Childrens Illustrators
Capturing the Hearts
of Children Everywhere

Reasons Why
Clients Choose MIA
for Childrens Illustrators

Our childrens illustrators are purpose-driven artists. The most meaningful rewards that we receive are letters from children and parents who truly enjoy our illustrations. Expressing the joy and happiness of childhood and aiding the development of children in a way that is fun and enjoyable is at the heart of what we do. MIA enjoys the challenge and the gift of breathing joy into every children’s book with which we are privileged to work.

MIA works with very talented children’s illustrators whose artwork expresses humor and emotion with a simplicity and clarity that resonates with children. Since our children’s illustrators tend to have personalities that allow them to revel in the perspective of their inner child, MIA’s Children Illustrators reflect a child’s view of the world.

MIA’s children’s illustrators are born naturals who in many cases have illustration in their DNA. Their gift enables them to visually communicate messages to children in pictures rather than words. Fabiano Fiorin, an internationally acclaimed children’s illustrator, relied on illustration to communicate with his 5-year-old son whom he adopted before they could communicate verbally.

Many of our illustrators are parents who truly enjoy themselves when they’re creating art for children. The unbridled passion with which our world-class team of children’s illustrators works consistently translates into joyful exuberance in each and every one of our children’s illustrations.

Since MIA’s inception in the early 1980s, we have been privileged to work with the world’s leading children’s publishing houses including Usborne Publishing (UK), Scandinavia Publishing House (Denmark), Oxford University Press (UK), Hachette Children's Books (UK), Wendy Pye Publishing (New Zealand), Sunshine Books (New Zealand), and Edizioni EL (Italy).

With over 100 world-class illustrators, MIA delivers a bespoke experience providing clients the freedom to work with illustrators whose style, technique and experience match their requirements.

Our boutique illustration agency offers an agile creative process with an individualized approach to every project. Every client receives highly personalized attention from their senior account manager.

Our children’s illustrators enjoy strong client relationships. We make a special effort to listen actively and to understand exactly what clients need. Our attention to detail contributes to the artistic integrity and financial success of the children’s books we illustrate.


Milan Illustrations Agency
Children's Illustration Classes

Almost 90 percent of the world’s students are now affected by school closures. Combined with the physical distancing being practiced across the globe, many young people are feeling more isolated, anxious and uncertain.

MIA’s weekly children’s illustration classes have been inspired by the #DrawTogether , #IllustrationforKids , #HealthyatHome , and #ReadtheWorld initiatives which include collaborations with UNICEF and the International Publishers Association.

MIA invites you and your children to enjoy our free children's illustration classes featuring internationally acclaimed, award-winning children’s illustrators.

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