Capturing the Hearts

of Children Everywhere

MIA’s children’s illustration team is providing
free illustration classes for you to complete with
your children from the convenience of your home.

Capturing the Hearts

of Children Everywhere

Step into the magical world of children's illustrations with MIA.

Reasons Why
Illustration Classes
Will Help Your Children


Spark excitement around drawing and illustration and encourage kids to see illustrated books as a fun, healthy way to make use of their time in confinement.


Bring children closer to the minds that created their favourite books and show them that even when the world is physically off limits, nothing can stop them from exploring it with their imagination.


Provide your children with a fun activity that they can look forward to each week and will allow them to join other children from around the world in classes from the safety of their home.


Give your children the opportunity to learn from masters of children’s illustration who love children and have led children’s illustration projects for the world’s leading book publishers.


Deliver children simple facts about staying healthy during home confinement while stimulating their interest in drawing to create a carefree yet educational moment they can enjoy.

Milan Illustrations Agency
Children's Illustration Classes

Almost 90 percent of the world’s students are now affected by school closures. Combined with physical distancing being practiced across the globe, many young people are feeling more isolated, anxious, and uncertain.

MIA’s weekly children’s illustration classes have been inspired by the #DrawTogether , #IllustrationforKids , #HealthyatHome , and #ReadtheWorld initiatives which include collaborations with UNICEF and the International Publishers Association.

MIA invites you and your children to enjoy our free children's illustration classes featuring internationally acclaimed, award-winning children’s illustrators.

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