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Bringing Graphic Novels to Life

with Dynamism, Dedication and Love

MIA's world-class illustrators bring graphic novels to life with intricate atmospheres, unparalleled dynamism, and unmatched dedication.

Bringing Graphic Novels to Life

with Dynamism, Dedication and Love

I don't like to place a spotlight on tragedy but I’ve asked MIA to keep Kobe’s portrait, with his beautiful face and fierce eyes, as the first illustration in this Sports Illustration portfolio. It's my way of thanking Kobe for being one of my heroes ever since I first met him in 1998.

Kobe's portrait was the opening illustration in my portfolio over a year before his untimely death. I always considered it the best in my series of basketball player illustrations. He was always the "villain" as I'm a Celtics fan and his Lakers were the "enemy" yet Kobe was the kind of villain for whom I'd root no matter the team.

Mauro Mazzara

Why Clients Choose
Milan Illustrations Agency

Graphic novelists, art directors, and children’s book publishers love working with MIA and are constantly impressed by the uncanny way our graphic novel illustrators are able to illustrate exactly what they have imagined in their mind’s eye. MIA’s world-class team includes internationally acclaimed illustrators such as Andrea Da Rold, Fabiano Fiorin, Marco D’Aponte, Matteo Pincelli, Mauro Mazzara, Simona Bursi, Stefano Tognetti, and Valentini Forlini.

Dynamism is in the DNA of our graphic novel illustration team who have mastered the art of movement as a part of their formal training. MIA’s illustrators have studied medical drawing and surgical illustration. Where other illustrators may be less capable of making characters move with grace, MIA’s graphic novel team works with speed and strength in a way that truly embraces the movement of characters. Our work with such action-packed classics as The Three Musketeers, Jason and the Argonauts and Robin Hood speaks for itself.

MIA’s Graphic Novel Illustrators are known for their beautiful atmosphere. Our team loves to create fantastical worlds and magical characters for graphic novels. Formally educated in Italy’s best art schools, MIA illustrators leverage a tradition of cultural heritage and mastery of decoration to create scenes with beautiful textures, patterns, and colors. MIA's mature way of working gives our artwork unique perspectives that capture the beauty and elegance of a scene with brilliant attention to detail.

Clients are so ecstatic about our graphic novel illustrations that they keep our illustrators busy with one project after the next. MIA’s dynamic husband and wife duo, Matteo Pincelli and Simona Bursi, for example, have worked non-stop for the past 20 years with leading children’s book publishers, Usborne Books, on some of their most important graphic novel projects.

With a team of over 100 world-class illustrators including several who specialize in graphic novel illustration, MIA delivers a bespoke experience that provides clients the freedom to work with an illustrator whose style, technique, and experience match their requirements. Our boutique illustration agency offers an agile creative process with an individualized approach to every project. Each client receives highly personalized attention from their talented illustrator and senior account manager. There’s a good reason all our clients choose to stay with MIA.


MIA Sports Illustrations for Change

MIA is partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Baskin and NBA Cares to create sports illustrations for merchandise promoting mental wellness through inclusive basketball.

At MIA, we're as passionate about people as we are about sports. Our team of award-winning sports illustrators includes inclusive basketball players and coaches who wholeheartedly support the Baskin community.

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