Marco D’Aponte took a bachelor degree at Accademia Albertina in Turin, Italy and he teaches pictorical techniques at Liceo Artistico statale R. Cottini in Turin. From 1974 he has collaborated as an illustrator with Italian and international editors.
He has taught comics and illustration techniques at the European Institute of Design in Turin and at the Fine Arts Academy in Cuneo. He has published several tales for La Stampa, among which we can list four subjects of Guido Cernetti for the Valigia del Cantastorie section. Some of them were L’ultima giornata di Marilyn Monroe, S.O.S il Titanic affonda, Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
In 2011, in collaboration with La Stampa and Edizioni del Capricorno, he created La Storia di Torino a Fumetti.
He has published several graphic novels among which Tazio Nuvolari compagno del vento on the texts of Pit Formento, Angolo Manzoni Editions (2009), Quattro giorni per non morire from Marino Magliani romance, Transeuropa Editions, Il Principio di Archimede from the novel of the same name by Dario Lanzardo for Tunuè Editions and in 2014 Sostiene Pereira from the novel of the same name by Antonio Tabucchi.
He drew 100 anni nel futuro for Audi Italia, which narrates the story of the German brand, starting from the Corriere della Sera magazine and then on a multimedia version.
From 1971 he has worked as a painter and some of his latest personal exhibitions have been held in Tazio Nuvolari Museum in Mantova: Ritratti di uomini e di macchine (2006), Primo assoluto (2007), Nuvolari vince sempre (2013).