Simona Dimitri was born in 1976 in Busto Arsizio, Italy.
She attended the Liceo Artistico and the Scuola Arte e Messaggio in Milan, Italy.
She worked as a freelance illustrator and in a graphic studio in Milan until 2006.
Some of her illustrations have been exhibited in international children’s art competitions in Venice (Teatro dell’Azienda Culturale, 1997, 1999 and 2001), Bolzano (Le Montagne Incantate, 1997 and 1999), Milan (Associazione Illustratori, 1998), and Vigonovo (Scarpetta d’Oro, 1998).
She has worked for several years in children’s publishing, and through Milan Illustrations Agency for many British publishers.
In 2007 her small studio was established in Busto Arsizio, Italy and then in 2010 she moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Since then her atelier has been a virtual space and her works have been exhibited in many places in Italy and Switzerland.
Among her collaborations are: Milonga (Milan), Petiteposte (Zürich), Artecorum (Zurich), Art Unlimited (Amsterdam), Jart (Baden), Kunst Supermarkt (Solothurn), Vailati Arte (Turin), Ciasmo (Milan).