Ever since her childhood, Lucia has had a passion for drawing. When she was 10 years old, winning her first art competition gave her the confidence to pursue a career as an illustrator, a choice she cherishes to this day. In 1985, Lucia competed her High School Diploma in Arts at the Felice Casorati State Artistic High School in Novara, Italy. In 1989 and 1990, she earned her University degree in Graphic Design and Illustration as well as her Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Publishing from the IED European Institute of Industrial Design in Milan. In 1993, Lucia earned a Diploma in Computer Graphics at the Civic School of Via Orseolo in Milan.

Lucia has held internships with renowned illustrators such as Stephan Zavrel and Arcadio Lobato. These internships, which accelerated her personal, artistic and technical development, enabled her to express dreams, vision and ideas in the form of illustrations. Lucia has worked on editorial and children´s illustrations for established publishers including Giunti, Edizioni Maddali and Bruni, Pearson, Elmedi, De Agostini, RCS Libri, Eli, Tresei, Raffaello Editore, Interlinea, Petrini, Immedia, Nicola Milano Editore, Morano Editore, La Spiga Languages, Bruno Mondadori, Cetem, White Star, and Lion Hudson.

Lucia attributes her fascination with illustrations for young boys and girls to her youthful imagination and lightness. Her interest in world of culture led her to illustrate school books for international publishers. Her love of a challenge and competitive spirit pushed her to take part in several art competitions and exhibitions which have not only been rewarding but also helped her to grow as an illustrator. Since 2017, Lucia has taught Character Design at the ACME Academy of Fine Arts in Novara, Italy.

Lucia loves observing the infinite ways that art appears all around her and counts her constant encounters with art among the best experience of her life.