Elisa Moriconi is a freelance animation illustrator and concept artist living in London. She has been illustrating children’s books, magazines and board games since 2007 and loves soft, bright and warm colors. Elisa takes the inspiration for her color palettes from serene spaces including gardens, parks, cute boutiques, and her tea tin collection. Her illustrations are often digital but she also loves to work with gouaches, watercolors, acrylics, ink, graphite, and pastels.

In 2017, Elisa was the lead environment artist at IDEA Academy in Rome. She has also worked as a concept artist with Artake Games since 2017. Her role includes designing environments, props, textures and icons. She has designed two dungeon levels and several puzzles. In 2018, Elisa was a game design artist at Vibes where she created characters, creatures, sprite sheets, environments, props, and textures for Global Game Jam. Since 2018, Elisa has also worked as a concept artist with Studio Croma where she is developing keyframe concepts for an animated stop-motion short movie. Elisa worked as a character designer for Produkcja Filmowa where she designed five characters for the animated movie “Ghost Sonata”.

Elisa works as a visual developer and background artist at Jam Media, Dublin, where she is a member of the team for “Jessy and Nessy”, a mixed media preschooler TV show with 2D and 3D animation, live action and miniature sets. She designs backgrounds and props as well as developed color keys, background keys and turnaround and measures charts for the 3D artists. Elisa has created backgrounds for several episodes and assists the art director in her role as team leader. Some of Elisa´s other clients include Koala Ediciones, Foodies Trip, Art Corgi, Edicart, Mini-School, Edizioni Master, Gruppo Mondadori, Keit Vimp Bev, Les éditiones Clochette, Mascot Books, Panini, and Schwager & Steinlein.