Ilaria Mozzi was born in Milan in 1980 and now lives and works in a little town near Como.
Even as a child, she loved books, tales and images.
After art school, she graduated at the Faculty of Humanities (she studied art, literature and animation) and she got a Master's degree in Pedagogy of illustration for children at the Faculty of Education (Padova).
She attended some classes at the International School of Illustration of Stepan Zavrel, at Fabbrica delle Favole (MC) and at the School of Applied Arts of Castello Sforzesco (MI).
Her greatest passions are the theoretical and the written language and the visual communication.
She has been working with various publishing houses for children as a redactor, graphics, illustrator. She also collaborated with Libreria dei Ragazzi of Roberto Denti (MI), with a small independent bookstore, with the Sàrmede s Foundation (TV) and she also conducted several art workshops for children.
Beside illustration, she has a great passion for writing and she is currently managing a blog devoted to children's literature: Bliblila.