“MIA Milan Illustration Agency takes you into the fabulous world of illustrations and offers its clients a wide range of services such as the creation of images, characters, comics, complete stories…”

This is the mission of MIA Milan Illustrations Agency which for more than 30 years has offered creative solutions to agencies, editors and publishers all over the world.

The story of MIA is a long and successful one, starting in Milan, Italy at the beginning of the 1980s. This story has been strengthened under the expert leadership of  Shefalika Marescotti, who has led the Agency for nearly 2 decades.

MIA is a valuable partner able to satisfy every customer’s request of work for the advertising, design, publishing, toys and fashion industriesOver the years the Agency has built a consolidated working relationship many global leaders in the publishing sector. The loyalty of our Clients is the best proof of the quality, reliability and professionalism of the services offered by MIA. 

The great strength of MIA rests precisely in its profound knowledge and specialized skills of the world of Illustration as well as a specific cultural sensitivity through several collaborations with important publishing houses in many countries. In fact, each country, each culture, each audience (children or adults) has its own particular characteristics: to provide the best service it is essential to know them. MIA is able to successfully meet all these needs to create the most suitable works of illustrations.

MIA Illustrations is the ideal agency for all illustrators who are looking for a serious partner able to offer effective support for their own professional development and artistic promotion. We are the first to trust and support the talent of our illustrators and, for that reason, we provide them with all our experience, competence and passion. We give our collaborators real assistance dealing with all those activities related to the realization of a publishing project so that illustrators are free to unleash their creativity and imaginative mind.


Choosing MIA Illustrations means relying on an agency with a deep and qualified experience in publishing projects.

MIA Illustrations offers:

  • professional and expert advice;
  • tailored projects;
  • identification and selection of illustrators according to target/audience;
  • very rich and diversified range of styles, tecniques and trends;
  • optimization of creative method thanks to a direct contact with illustrators;
  • 360-degree support.


MIA Illustrations can provide full or partial support according to the wishes of the illustrator.

In particular our Agency provides:

  • new and significant professional opportunities through its consolidated business relations with important publishing houses;
  • administrative, legal and contract management;
  • customer relationship management;
  • technical and specialised support during the creative process;
  • organization of special events (solo exhibitions or group shows);
  • participations in national and international trade fairs;
  • high visibility through international channels of communications.


MIA, always committed to the development of innovative initiatives and new projects, is about to begin a new adventure where the creative force of its illustrators transcends from the limits of paper to enliven real objects with their imagination and originality.

A special e-commerce section will soon be on our website.

In this area, you will be able to find items, made by our collaborators, and to decide to treat for yourself or for a special gift.

Unique pieces, handmade items, gift ideas for anniversaries and special occasions, exclusive pieces of furniture, fashion accessories and much more. A world where originality is the name of game.

Stay tuned!