Elisa Rocchi was born in Bologna in 1989 but she grew up in the countryside surrounding the city, together with her very unique mate, her little cat Minù. Since a very young age, she loved drawing and inventing stories anytime and anywhere. Her Mom always said she was born holding a pencil in her hand. Elisa always keep her notebook and pen with her when she travels and is ever ready to draw whatever comes to her mind. Her passion for illustration led her to the famed Bolognese School and later to the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna where her passion merged with drawing techniques in a very nurturing environment. Keeping Bologna in her heart, Elisa now lives in Milan and works as a children´s book illustrator. In addition to her husband and son, her constant companions are a laptop, graphic editing software, digital pens, many sheets of paper and coloring pencils to write and draw new stories.