Starting with her earliest days in the crib, Izabela longed for nothing more than to look at pictures and draw them. She absorbed every picture book she could get her hands on – she read them all, drew them all, and even smelled the pages. Early in her career, Izabela discovered the amazing world of animation. She tried to animate her own scenes only to discover that tracing 24 frames per second was easier seen than done. Eventually, she set her ambitions on illustration and many broken pencils and torn up pictures later, she went on to create art for picture books, activity books, games, and films.

Izabela considers herself most fortunate to be able to do what she does. Quite often, people carry their stories and ideas around for years before they finally gain the courage to manifest them. When clients approach her with a book or project, she is very aware that what they are coming to her with their dreams, which she is most honored to help bring to life. Izabela´s clients include Oxford University Press, M&M Filmz, Big Sunshine Books, Concordia Publishing House, HIP Publishing, Insight Editions, Pentecostal Publishing House, TJX Canada, and United Methodist Publishing House.