Michelangelo Miani was born in Venice, he lives and works near Milan as a professional illustrator and an artist. He graduated in Philosophy at the University of Milan.
He deals with science fiction and fantasy, astronomy, history, educational and children’s illustrations. Over the years he developed an independent artistic research connected and derived from the world of illustrations.
He worked first with publishers who specialised in science fiction: in Italy Editrice Nord, Editoriale del Drago, Solfanelli, Perseo, Peruzzo (“Futura” magazine), by agency in Germany with Goldmann, Pabel, Bastei, Heyne, J’Ai Lu in France, Fantastyka, Fenix, Alpha in Poland, Daw in USA.
In children’s illustrations he published with Piemme “Il Battello a vapore” (“The Magic Tree House”, “Deltora”, “Silver Wings” and “Rowan” collections), Mondadori, “Focus Junior” magazine, Carthusia.
He realized astronomical and scientific illustrations with Fabbri-RCS (“Sea planet”, “Tecno”, “Astronomy”, “Journey into the Universe”, “Extreme nature”), UTET (“First”, “Atlas of Universe”), the journals “Astronomy”, “Science and Life”, “Airone”, “Newton”, “Quark”, “Geo”, “Focus” as well as scientific institutions such as the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Frascati and Ferrara and the Fermi Centre in Rome.
He dealt with historical and educational illustrations for Pearson, RCS, ELI – La Spiga, Principato, PPBM, De Agostini, Capitello, Electa-Bruno Mondadori, MUST, architectures and illustrated reportages with “Genteviaggi” and “Tuttoturismo” magazines. He makes use of digital and traditional tecniques like acrilic, watercolours, pencil, mixed media.