USBORNE ENGLISH READERS “JANE EYRE” illustrated by Matteo Pincelli

A new Book for Matteo Pincelli! "Jane Eyre is an orphan, poor and ordinary-looking. Her life is poor and ordinary too until she comes to Thornfield Hall and meets Mr. Rochester; but Thornfield hides a dangerous secret." Includes a word list, 5 pages of activities and free online audio (British English and American English).


Alice Mastropaolo in video to celebrate Mother’s Day

Milan Illustrations Agency is celebrating Mother's Day with internationally acclaimed illustrator, Alice Mastropaolo. We are helping children give a gift to their Mom that they can make at home with their own hands. Help your children learn how to make a beautiful card with a magical vase or a cute little box that they can [...]


The Rebus Man

Interview with our illustrator Andrea Bianchi ,today ,on Corriere della Sera daily newspaper.Andrea started drawing in high school drawing caricatures of his teachers and has always had a passion for drawing cartoons. After a brilliant career as an illustrator and cartoonist, he is now the leading illustrator of the italian magazine SETTIMANA ENIGMISTICA where he [...]