Baby Unicorn

Childrens's Illustration Class For Age 5 and up by Annalisa and Marina Durante

Hello children,

I am Annalisa and I am Marina. We are back with you to draw another fantastic creature from our enchanted forest, the little unicorn. Even this drawing will be a custodian who will protect you so once you have made the drawings please treat it with care.

Now we will tell you something about the unicorn. Before we show this book, this is one of our books that we have illustrated and written to teach children how to draw fantastic animals like gnomes, like fairies, and like unicorns. It is said that unicorns are creatures of great wisdom and that they are intuitive and give good advice even if sometimes it is not easy to understand through meaning.

If you want to attract the attention of a unicorn, dedicate a drawing to it and maybe – who knows – it will appear to you in your dreams. Our unicorns live in a beautiful forest together with all the other animals, plants and flowers. A forest that regenerates and gives joy and happiness to all the children who visit it.

In ancient times, it was believed that the unicorn horn could heal all illnesses and destroy all the actions of all poisons. For this reason, the rich and powerful wanted at all costs to possess a small piece of the unicorn’s special horn which could cost as much as ten times its weight of gold. In reality, they got the fang of a male narwhal, Monodon Monocerosa its Latin name, a beautiful-minded mammal.

The unicorn is a mythic mythological animal, a symbol of purity and nobility endowed with magical powers and capable of appearing only when extraordinary events occur. It represents everything that is beautiful but it is difficult to capture. It appears in many books and also in Harry Potter in The Philosopher’s Stone. The unicorn is associated with the moon and often lives near water as a symbol of rebirth.

The unicorn uses its horn to detect fear and injustice. It is the protagonist of its own fantastical, magical fable and fairytale world. It is a symbol of pure love and the pure heart of the brave and the fearless. Ask your unicorn to give you artistic spirit, beauty, inner strength, will, and determination by giving you good thoughts and advice.

For this illustration, you will need a pencil for drawing like this, an eraser, colored pencils of different colors, a black fine-tipped felt pen, and white paper. Now we can begin our illustration. We take our white paper and we begin with our pencil. First of all, you have to draw a line – a round line – like this and it is the ground of the forest. To draw a form like you can see. It is the head of the little unicorn. Then we draw two ears. And then we go on with the body. This is the body. You have to do a very easy form like this. Now we have to draw the leg. This is the one leg in front and another leg in the back. We go slowly so you can draw carefully your little unicorn. With an eraser, you have to cancel the part that is not necessary which you can see in our illustration like this. We go on with the other legs. And here is our little unicorn but we have to add some details. First of all, the eyes. Our little unicorn has very big eyes. As you remember for the little owls, we have to draw the pupil with a light inside like this. We have to draw the nostril and mouth. Our little unicorn has a beautiful smile. Now we have to do the horn – that is very important – like this.

In the forest, there are some magical flowers and so we begin with a circle and then we add the other part of the flower. You can use your fantasy to make very magical flowers. As you prefer, every time you can look in Nature you can see how flowers are in nature and then you can transform wit your fantasy and creativity. Here this is a tree. This is the trunk of the tree and a branch with some leaves. To draw the leaves, follow the step you can see and there are also some fruits. If you want, you can also draw a Moon because the unicorns are night creatures. Also, the tree is magical so you can draw in the trunk eyes, mouth, and a little nose as you prefer. Now you can add some details and correct some parts. We are very glad with our drawing. We can begin to color it. Now we begin to color it and we use a blue pencil to pass again the outline and then with a different color pencil we will color also the shapes as you can see in our work.

When you think that your drawing is finished you can stop. If you want, you can use a little power of the pencil to make the sky blue. And then you have to conserve if you want you can put your little unicorn as the guardian of your room. Goodbye children. See you next time. And we hope you enjoy the little unicorn.

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