Papercraft Art Games for Kids – Soccer

Papercraft Class for Ages 5 and Up by Elisabetta Travet

Hi everyone, my name is Elisabetta Travet and I am an illustrator.

Today I want to make a fun game with you, soccer with your fingers.

You need felt-tipped pens, white cardboard and scissors. Please use them with the help of an adult. If you don’t have felt-tipped pens, you can use colored pencils.

Let’s start. First you have to draw circles the size of your fingers. Now comes the hard part, you have to cut out our project. Bend it slightly.

Here is our finished project. You can play with your friends, use a ping pong ball or make a rolled ball with paper tape.

Thanks for following my lesson and I hope to see you next time.

Hope you had fun. Bye