Dog and Cat with Toilet Paper Rolls

Paper Crafts Class for Ages 5 and Up by Ana Larranaga


My name is Ana Larranaga. Today I am going to make this dog and this cat with toilet paper rolls. Let’s start!

We need:

  • two paper rolls
  • painting colors
  • scissors
  • glue and felt pens

Press the roll softly together, to mark four corners. Cut, at one end, about 2 cm (1 inch) in each corner. Four cuts in total. Glue together two of the flaps and fold out the other two for the dog. Let it dry.

For the cat we do the same, but leave the non-glued flaps straight, and cut the pointy ears. It should stick together in five minutes.

For the base of the dog I am using a pale brown. The cat will be yellow. When the dog is dry cut the ears round. I am painting the ears dark brown on both sides. One of the eyes and the tail are also dark brown. With a black felt pen, paint the eyes, the nose (a triangle for the cat and a circle for the dog) and the mouth. The dog has the tongue sticking out.

Now the legs. Three lines in the centre make the front legs. The back legs go like this. The cat is also sitting. The cat tail and some stripes for the cat. You can use whatever colors you want. The cat’s whiskers with a thin pen.

And they are finished, a dog and a cat.

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