Spinosaurus Dinosaur Drawings for Kids

Children's Illustration Class for Ages 5 and Up by Elisabetta Ferrero

Hello everyone! My name is Elisabetta Ferrero, I am an Italian illustrator and for years I have been working with Milan-illustrations Agency.

Today I am here with you to talk about… DINOSAURS!

These are my friends and they are always here with me: A Triceratops, an Allosaurus and my friend T REX. I have illustrated several books about animals, because I have always liked drawing animals; but, as you may have understood, my favorites are DINOSAURS.

I’ve always liked to imagine these strange animals which already existed when we weren’t here yet: imagine how they were and what scenes or panoramas they could see; if they fought among themselves, what the forests where they moved were like and above all what happened when they completely disappeared from our planet.

Today I have prepared a drawing of a SPINOSAURUS for you and in the video I will show you some passages of how I do it, to help you color them. We do not know what the color of their skin was, since bones and skeletons have been found but regarding the color of their skin we have very little information: we can think that they had bright colors to frighten their predators, or camouflage colors to hide and not be seen.

The SPINOSAURUS is a dinosaur that lived millions of years ago, between the Upper and Lower Cretaceous (this is the Geological era) in the Northern part of the African Continent. It was a very large dinosaur, it mainly moved on two legs and was much larger than the T-Rex; it could be up to 18 meters long. A very, very large animal that mainly fed on fish, even if, later they say, it also became a herbivore, thus feeding on a bit of everything.

I have decided to color it with bright colors, so I have chosen a very cheerful “dress” for him, but you can color it as you want. The important thing is, REMEMBER, that you always start from a light base color, then adding darker and more vibrant colors.

I hope you enjoy coloring a dinosaur and then sticking it on a card and keeping it close to you, resting on your table …. a DINOSAUR is always a friend who will inspire you!

Goodbye everyone! Thank you! See you next time!