A Paper Doll Princess and Her Prince

Paper Crafts Class for Ages 5 and Up by Emanuela Carletti

Hi kids, I’m Emanuela and this is Sally. I want to teach you how to make paper dolls. To do this you need:

  • A few sheets of white paper
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A black pen
  • A pair of scissors possibly with a rounded tip otherwise you can get help from an adult
  • Some colored felt-tipped pens and colored pencils.

Just follow all my steps or if you want, you can download the drawings I have done, print, color and cut them out; I have done some examples but you can use all your creativity to draw new characters. Now let’s start and have fun!

While drawing Sally: Now let’s draw Sally

After drawing Sally: Now let’s proceed with the clothes. For Sally, I have chosen to make something cute but you can use your imagination to draw the dolls as you want. What you need to do, like I am doing, is put a sheet of white paper over the dolls you have drawn earlier and trace exactly where the clothes go. You don’t have to trace the whole doll again.

While drawing Sally’s clothes: The important thing is to draw these little flaps around the dress you have drawn. Once you cut out these flaps and fold them behind the dress, it will remain attached to your doll.

Before drawing the little girl’s clothes: Now let’s proceed with the little girl’s clothes. I have decided to draw a princess dress for her.

Immediately after finishing drawing the girl’s clothes: Now, for Sally, we do the same process we did before.

Before drawing the boy: For the boy, instead, I have decided to draw a prince’s outfit for him.

While coloring after finishing drawing the prince: Now let’s begin coloring.

Don’t worry about these black marks. They will go away once you cut out the dolls and their clothing. For a question of time, I will color a bit quickly, but you can have fun drawing all the details you want and you will see that it will be a lot of fun. I use both felt-tipped pens and pencils because pencils make the shading easier.

After the girl is colored: Now let’s move on to Sally.

As she starts coloring the princess dress: Now let’s move on to coloring the clothes use the colors you prefer and if you want, try to make beautiful decorations on the dress.

Immediately after seeing all the colored clothes together: Now let’s move on to cutting out the dolls and the clothes.

While dressing the girl: Ok children, we have cut out the clothes, now let’s dress our dolls. The important thing is to fold the flaps well. And here we have our princess.

While dressing Sally: Now let’s dress Sally and the prince.

While dressing the boy: Let’s also put his hat on.


Well, children, I hope you have had fun making these paper dolls.

Goodbye from Emanuela and Sally

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